The Nicest Bitch You’ll Ever Know…

I believe it’s customary to begin your very first blog with some sort of apology for inadequacy or a variation on a “bare with me” plea.  It’s not that I don’t feel the same self-deprecating fear to do the same.  After all, everyone hears that nagging little shadow of yourself from middle school in the back of your head saying, “They’re all going to laugh at you…”   But this is not the time for pig’s-blood-covered-self-doubt.  This is an exploration into the inner bitch and an explanation of why the world some times needs a swift kick in the ass.  So, for better or for worse just plain awesome… welcome to “The Nicest Bitch You’ll Ever Know.”


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  1. The nicest bitch you’ll ever know….. Beat…… Jenilee Jubilee….. Button

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